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Our pillow won't go flat
Our pillow won't go flat
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Our Pillows provide a Restful, Healthy night's sleep
Our Pillows provide a Restful, Healthy night's sleep

100% Customer Satisfaction means our thousands of customers get a Better Night's Sleep using our pillow. While we understand that we can't make everyone happy all of the time, we are committed to giving 100% excellent service all of the tiime. So even if you are among the 1/2 of 1% of people who don't get a better night's sleep on our pillow, you will love our company because of the way we take care of you. Don't wait, Order now!!

"This is the best pillow I have ever had. Since purchasing I have not had a neck ache when waking up. Fantastic pillow! - Marian I.

"Your pillow is by far the best investment I have made. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on pillows and contraptions to help me sleep. I wish I had found you first." - Jill K.

"I have the pillows for about four months and they are absolutely the BEST PILLOWS I have ever had!" - Frank H.

The pillows arrived! They are wonderful, I haven't had to have other pillows to help support my neck and head. I can now just use one pillow. I'm leaving on Sunday for NY to go to TCI to see Dr. B and have surgery the day before Thanksgiving. I have to have a fusion from C1-7 done and my shunt replaced. I hope they work out well for me in the hospital and on the way home. -Mary E. S.

We bought 3 Standard/Queen pillows and 3 travel pillows at the Women's Expo at Mpls Convention Center last year. They have been one of the best investments we have probably made. EVERY CLAIM that you made to us regarding his product was 110% accurate, at least by our needs. It is truly wonderful to buy from a company that actually presents "FACTS" about their product. So with that said I need to order 2 more pillows. Thanks For The Best Buy Ever. -Ken


I watched your demonstration and was very tempted., but wanted to "see for myself" the difference. Currently, I am 8 months pregnant and desperately needed a new pillow! Upon arriving at the State Fair on 8/30/07, I saw 2 people coming off of the bus with your pillows. Recognizing the label, I told my husband that we are going to be doing some shopping this afternoon. (Aren't I tricky!?) We found your booth at the Grandstand and I was sold on the quality construction and feel. I took my pillows home last night and have to say - that is the best night's sleep I have had in a year. I didn't toss/turn and wake up etc. The temperature stayed cool and support was just perfect for me. Love the product and am happy to support a local Minnesota Company. Great Job! -Sent using the feedback page

I purchased two of your pillows yesterday(1/1/2008). I purchased one for my wife and one for myself. I was a little skeptical at first on how much it would help my sore neck and headaches that I have woke up with for the last 7 or 8 years. I listened to the sales person at the Burnsville Mall on how much the pillows have helped people with sleeping related problems. My wife and I woke up today feeling like we had the best sleep we have had in almost ten years!!!!!! I swear by this product. I can honestly say you cannot truly put a price on these pillows because the pillows are PRICELESS!!!! This product is AWESOME!!!! I can not thank you guys enough! AWESOME!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! -Scott & Bobbi R.

Here is a perfect story about your pillow. I gave one of the pillows to a couple I know. Originally I was told by the guy that he does not use pillows and if he does, he uses a pillow smaller than a throw pillow. He stated he would wake up with stiff necks and headaches so he quit using any pillows other than a pillow smaller than a throw pillow. When I was told that I stated well I will give your wife your pillow I wanted to give you. So I asked his wife what size she wanted from what I had. She picked out the pillow. It must have been 3 weeks and never heard how she liked it. I finally asked what she thought and she said well I told my husband to at least try the pillow and since then it is the only pillow he now uses. This man went through all types of pillows and still had problems until he received that one. He also now is telling everyone how great that pillow is. He is the person who told me you were going national. I felt you would enjoy hearing about this one. (I am also finding out the men more than the woman feel this is the best pillow every made.) -Bernadette

After using one of your pillows I've just ordered two more. I've ordered many expensive pillows in the past and found they didn't live up to their claims. Yours is the only pillow I've ever used that was comfortable in any position and cool. Thank you for creating a superior product!!!!! Have you considered going on the, "Big Idea show with Donny Deuttsch? He seems to be very supportive of small, up and coming companies such as yours. -Connie P.

I bought a pillow at the sportsman show. I love the pillow and tell everyone I see. I'm in sales and these make my nights peaceful. -Norm

Taylors gave us the word on how great these pillows are! I would like to get one for every bed in our house. I have relatives that love theirs as well. I would recommend that everyone has one of these pillows! Thanks for making sleeping worth sleeping. -sent using the feedback page

I am so happy you are following your heart and working to benefit our health and well being, esp. since we spend a good share of our lives sleeping. Once I get my pillow I will make sure to tell everyone I know about it to help boost your sales. I also ordered one for my daughter, she has severe allergies. She can't wait as she and I also have serious neck injuries we are dealing with... YEAH! There is hope! I AM SOLD and I have not even used it yet. Blessings to you all and we will pray for success beyond your wildest dreams in your venture. Thanks again for taking the time to share your talents and knowledge with others. You will be rewarded for this in a big way! -KJ

Few things in life actually live up to their claims, but this one does!!! Seriously, I have never used a pillow that reaps the same benefits as this one. It doesn't flatten, fits around my face, and doesn't make my neck hurt. Few things in life actually live up to their claims, but this pillow does. I am getting more for my condo in Florida. I have a hard time sleeping on any other pillow now. I am spoiled! I also love the fact that they are made in Minnesota. Keep up the good work! Thanks. -Terry S. J.

I received a pillow for my birthday, and love it. I have tried many pillows over the years and this is the one I will use from now on. I would love to get involved with my pillow shop on a employment basis, I love it that much. If there are any employment opportunities, please call or e-mail. I would love to talk to you about this opportunity. Thanks for a good night's sleep. -Rich T.

Slept very well last night on our new pillows. I kept waking up though to see if my head moved from the first position. It did NOT. Thanks again! -Anne R. A., Minnetonka, MN

Thank you so much. I would have responded sooner, but I wanted to try your pillow for a month. It's awesome. When I sleep with my other pillows I feel like my face is squished into it. With your pillow my face doesn't get smothered or wrinkled when I wake up. It doesn't get hot in the middle of the night like my other pillow does. I stay cool with my pillow. I'm not constantly chasing the cold spot, and it doesn't get flat. I brag about your pillow to family, friends, and all the people I deal blackjack to on graveyard at the Riverside. We miss your cheerful disposition around the pit. We would like to be as happy as you are. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Oprah in April as well. Can't wait to see your smiling face again, -Cheryl B.

Hi! Helen here....I am guessing that because you have had such horrible weather is the reason my pillow took a couple extra days to get here. It didn't arrive until Saturday... but no problem... I'm from the northeast and do understand what that weather can do. I slept quite well last night... with the new pillow. I woke up this morning and nothing hurt! What a joy that was! So much for having to have an "orthopedic pillow" for my neck... your lovely pillow bunches up in such a way that I get the much needed support for the degenerative disc disease I have in my neck. I will get back with you after I've had it for a while and I get a chance to really break in the pillow.... after all... foam does degenerate after a while.. so we'll see how well this one holds up. The pillow I had when I was in my 20's lasted quite a while and that was before all this new technology for foam. I anticipate this pillow will outlast that one. Thanks again.... and I'll keep you posted. -Helen

     P.S. I may have to order another pillow for the house. I am using this one in my RV and the mattresses are different.

I have one of your WONDERFUL pillows. I received it as a gift and was told it was washable. What are the washing instructions? Thank you. -Deneen Allen

I wanted to let you know that we received the pillows on 3/16/07. I was amazed at how quickly they arrived. I gave them to my husband for a birthday gift on 3/25 and we've been in love with them ever since. GREAT product! We'll be ordering more in the future and definitely passing the word about your fine product. -Kelly T.

Talked to you at the home show in Minneapolis. Just wanted to let you know that the new pillow with the reduced fill is working out great. It allows me to make all the adjustments I need for a comfortable night's sleep. Over the past 35 years my wife and I have been married she must have brought home at least 20 pillows for me to try. I told her she didn't need to bring home anymore because thanks to you I have the perfect pillow!! Thanks again! -Edward D.

My fiance and I both think your pillow is great! I really like the way that it can be molded to support any size neck, in any sleep position. I am recommending your pillows to my patients. -Dr. Jason P.

The Greatest Pillow is awesome, by far the most comfortable pillow I have ever had. I used to sleep on 1 thick or 2 thin pillows and could never get comfortable and always woke up with a sore or stiff neck. My wife had even more trouble. Now we each sleep on the perfect pillow with no neck problems. We also have travel pillows. They are great on the airplane - way better than the paper thin pillows they have on planes. Our whole family now has and loves The Greatest Pillow. Thank you for finally giving us a good night's sleep. -Mike Taylor

Thank you for the wonderful pillows! After using them since my birthday, I tried an experiment. I got out my old pillows and tried using them to see if they were comfortable. That lasted about two minutes! I couldn't believe how flimsy the old pillows felt compared to how supportive and comfortable your pillows are! I really sleep much better with "The Greatest Pillow". It's great to use on the couch, too, watching TV. I wish you the greatest success with your pillow business. I recently stayed at a hotel that was very nice, but the pillows were so uncomfortable. I sure wished I had taken "The Greatest Pillow" with me! -Joyce D.

I thought my mattress was the issue with restless nights, but now, due to the magic of the Greatest Pillow, I sleep like a baby. Everyone will be getting gifts of The Greatest Pillow this year! Thanks for one great product! -Jean A.

Hey Guys, more later, because I'm on the run...but the short story: I love it. Pillows came Friday. That night didn't count because I stayed up til three and was dead tired when I went to bed, so any pillow would have felt good. But now it's been three more nights and it's in. My old pillow's out. I'm pretty surprised! I personally bought my old pillow and liked it a lot. But yours feels more solid. My wife's been traveling and just got back. I'll let you know her opinion! Thanks so much...! -Scott

We purchased them last year. I washed it according to directions on pillow & air dried after fluff drying in dryer. It came out great! - L. Anderson, Albert Lea, MN

Love The Greatest Pillow. Have four. No more snoring. - Al D.

Love the Greatest Pillow. Have them in all beds. -Rital S.

Awesome Pillows! -Merry

Fixed the headache. -B. Haley (has a vertebrae problem.)

I (heart) The Greatest Pillow. I have tried a lot of other pillows, but this is the one for me!! -Brook S.

The Greateat Pillow is great! I sleep good all the time. --Taylor S.

I love The Greatest Pillow! -Megan Pillows are great! -J. O. P., Monte Zuema, IA

PillowTop Mattress Cover is SUPERIOR!! So Comfortable. -J.B.

My husband tried it. Very first night absolutely fell in love with it. So, here I am next day buying my own!

Dan didn't snore all night and my neck pain was gone after the first night. -Joann Mattress cover works really well. -SW

Purchased 6 pillows last year here [Iowa State Fair 2008]. Great pillows kids sleep like babies. :0) -Lisa Franger

Love the pillows...have had them 5 years. James L.

Great scrunching pillow -Kathy B.

Love them. -Billie B.

Best pillow ever made. -Gene M.

Great Customer Service. Great pillow to sleep on. -Jim D.

Great pillow. Never flattens out. Always like new. -Alene, DSN

Love The Greatest Pillow. It keeps my head cool. -Russ

We have bought 8 and looking to get 2 more today. They are the best you'll ever own. -Duane, Tama, IA

Great for my TMJ.

Have not had to use my bite plate since buying the pillow. I love this pillow! -Pat W.

I don't leave home without this pillow!!! -Rita M.

Love it. Love it. -Jackie F.

This pillow rocks!! :o) -Cathy D.

I've had my pillow for 5 years and I wouldn't sleep without it. -Troy K.

Bought 2 & love the pillows. -Sherry and Todd R.

They are the best!! I swear by them. - Patty R.

Purchased last year. I am now a believer. They hold up!! They are everything promised. -Michelle, Omaha, NE

No more snoring for my husband & we both sleep more soundly and longer. Miracle pillows the best! -Penny E., Urban, IA

They are worth every penny!! -Kathy, Lincoln, NE

Great customer service. Bought 2 last year and returned one for a larger size and bought 2 more. Love them. -Nance

Got one last year. Love it. Came back & bought 3 more. -J.M.

This the best pillow you'll ever buy. Thanks. J. R.

[I used it once and waited a year, just to buy one of my own!]! -Terri

Best Pillow! Even bought some for my parents. -Tammee

Excellent pillows. Go ahead and buy. -Debbie

Buy, buy, buy. Love it. No more snoring! If you've ever been in a car accident, this pillow is great!! 4/21/09 the Greatest Pillow--I bought 2 of them years ago. If we drive and stay overnight, our pillows ALWAYS go with us! They are not too hard, too soft, but just right. They are not too hot, too cold, but just right. We LOVE them. -Judy N. Best Pillow on the market! -Gordie K. Love these pillows!! -Jane (KLBB radio) 4/21/09 I got one of these pillows for my son when he was stationed in Iraq. He loved it, and it lasted! Now, I just one for my husband and myself. Thank you. -Karen L. C. 4/21/09

I had the most restful night ever. There were many days & nights that I could not get comfortable while I was at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester. My wife asked if she could bring pillows from home. MyPillow®'s were such a relief. They could be placed underneath me without moving & adjusted to the area of pain with no trouble at all. Thank you!! -Tony R.

We have bought 4 & love them & will buy more. -Jerry F.

No more numb arms in the morning! -Ryan 8-18-09

I stay cool with my pillow! thanks -Rocky

Best night's sleep I've had in years. -J. S.

Great pillows...won't go flat -Kathy Roskop

Love our pillows...we take them on vacation with us! -R & J Baxter

I bought 20 pillows for Christmas (Santa gifts for each family member) to use when we vacation. Wrapped them up in large X-Mas stockings. We all love them. -Pam L. H.

It's the best pillow I've ever used! I'll always have it!! -Kaleb R.

Buy these pillows!! You won't regret it. Keeps it's shape...any shape!! :o) -Kim M.

Love our pillows! No neck aches! -Gary and Laural

I'd be lost without The Greatest Pillow! Thanks. -Col Hts

I love the Greatest Pillow--it washes well and is so comfortable. Best pillow ever. I have 3 of them. I love The Greatest Pillow. No stiff neck. Head stays cool. We love the pillows, sooo comfortable!!! -Sue and Tom

Best pillow ever. -Janet W.

My husband sweats a lot & every pillow was wet every morning. the Greatest Pillow is wonderful & he wakes up dry every morning now. We have had them for over 4 years. -Linda K Mitch

Love, Love, Love!!! Your pillows! They hold up great! They wash great! We travel with them! I never leave home without it! They are the best! Love the pillow-won't use any other! -Jane B.

The Best Pillow I have ever owned! & the only one from now on. -Jeri W. We are back for 2nd's. They are great. I love the Greatest Pillow so much. -Mike G.

I love The Greatest Pillow--had it three years wouldn't be without it. -Joel

These are the best pillows! My husband's pillow was always sweaty & stinky. No more with The Greatest Pillow! -Kellie

Had them 5 years. Love them! -Dawn, St. Paul, MN

It gives you REM sleep! Absolutely love it. No more headaches. Sleep great! -Darice

Fabulous pillow! Husband stopped snoring the first night! -Tom and Chris

We have your pillows for 2 years. We absolutely love them & how easily they wash and dry. I also have a Their First Pillow for my back. -Sara

My neck hurt for years. Not no more. I have a the Greatest Pillow & I love it. -Pamela R.

I have 2 pillows and they are THE BEST things I've ever had. -Stephie O.

We love our pillows! -Chuck and Laura

I have had these pillows for 2 years. They are great! -David and Barb

I knew I wouldn't like it, but I love it!! Thanks! -Jake

The travel pillows are the best. I use mine as my regular pillow! I even take it on the road. My husband almost killed me when I forgot mine in a hotel & had to go back and get it! -Connie and Jerry

Best pillows we've ever had! We've had ours for 3 years and they are great! -Marilyn S.

I purchased a pillow approximately 5 years ago, and STILL think it's the most comfortable pillow. -Tamela L. Hugo, MN

They're great! 23 pillows I bought. My husband and I sleep great so bought 23 for relatives for Christmas. Don't miss it! -Suzanne F.

The Greatest Pillow is the absolute BEST pillow I've ever had! It is way better than the Tempurapidic, which is too hot! Buy one NOW!! You'll love it!! This pillow is the best purchase I've ever made at the fair. It gives me a great night's sleep. -Tom

Best pillow I have ever had. I can fall asleep on my back and sleep the night through and I love The Greatest Pillow. -Thanks, Beth

Hi, The Greatest Pillow is so great we can't even get up to go to work! Thanks, Mark and -Debbie, Rockford, MN

This is the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on! I will never go back! I stay cool with my pillows. They stay cool & plush all night. -Jason B.

Wonderful, comfortable pillow! Addie H.

I've struggled with severe migraines, but The Greatest Pillow has made a world of difference & has allowed me to finally have much less frequent migraines! I've bought several now and also give them as gifts! -Tracey H.

Best Pillow I've ever had & I'm fussy when it comes to pillows. If we go to a hotel, etc. I bring my own rather than use theirs. -Noreen H.

We bought 2 pillows & we're back for 2 more for our daughter!! Great pillow!! They are damn good pillows. They are worth the money. -Tom L.

Great Pillows. Bought one last year & had to buy another one!! Sleep Great!! -Susie C.

Best Pillow ever. Had mine 7 years and the travel pillow is the most awesome must have for travel. Buy this pillow and you will never regret it. It's washable. No allergy problems. No creepies (bed bugs/mites). Wonderful. -C. R.

I bought the Greatest Pillow 3 years ago. They're still like new. I love them. -Margie S.

All the way from Chicago to buy them! Love them! -[MN State Fair] I like my wife's, so I had to buy myself one! I love the Greatest Pillows. -Judy C.

8 years! Best & ONLY Pillow. -Stacey!

I've never slept better! Thank goodness for these! -Raleen B.

We LOVE them! -D & L I've used this pillow for over 2 years and wouldn't be without it! -Jim C.

20 years with neck and shoulder pain. Neck fusion 19 years ago in May. NEVER wake up without pain 'til I bought your pillow!! Thank you sooooo much! -Connie T.

I LOVE my pillow! Sleep is great now! Thank you!!!! (Had it for 1-1/2 years now). Love this pillow. Great for you and your pets, HOT FLASHES, TOO! I STAY COOL WITH MY PILLOW. -GREAT PILLOW! -Mary C.

The best pillow ever! -Darlene Great replacement for down pillows! -J.L. We bought one last year skeptically, but this year we are back for three more. -TK I bought 2 pillows at the Dakota County Fair. I have not had a night sweat in 3 weeks. Love it. Great product. -Sue E.

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