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Bed Pillows, Body Pillow, Contour Pillow, Mattress Toppers and Specialty/Travel Pillows (Road Pillow)

The "Best Pillow Ever" For the "Rest" of Your Life

Find out why Tens of Thousands of satisfied customers have chosen The Greatest Pillow as the "Best Pillow Ever" for the comfort needed for a great night’s rest. We proudly and simply provide the highest quality pillows. We also have the finest service (with a 95+% approval rating). We provide the exact Bed Pillow , Body Pillow, Contour Pillow, Mattress Topper or Travel and Specialty Pillows for The "Rest" of Your Life. Our Pillows carry a 60-day Comfort Guaranteed to meet your comfort needs. They are easy to care for and are Warranted for 10 years.

All of our pillow sets are cotton pillows filled with a medical grade, open-cell poly-Foam which provides the moldable comfort which will not go flat during your night's rest. We tested 94 different types of foam before selecting the type we use. Most foam pillows 'off-gas' formaldehyde. Since ours is 'Medical Grade', it does not. It also guarantees a natural cooling effect, so no more pillow flipping to get a cool pillow.

We offer four levels of fill, depending upon the sleep position and body shape/size. We also offer these in a Standard Pillow (or Standard/Queen Pillow); A King Pillow; a Baby Pillow (or a Child's First Pillow) and our Specialty Pillows which include the body pillow, the contour pillow and one for those who enjoy pillow travel. Our pillow pillow combinations offer a great solution to your comfort and the issues denynig the "restful sleep" you need.

We have given some thought to developing a Dog Pillow since Dog Pillows seem to be in high demand, but have yet to put them into production. If you would like for us to develop one for you, please contact us.

We are very proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rating. We do our best to make sure that our products are of highest quality and fitted correctly. We hope that you will call us should you have any problems or concerns. We also welcome your comments to our blog and on our Facebook page. Thank You for visiting our website. We hope you will buy and enjoy The Greatest Pillow.

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  • Experience- We have more than 30 years collective pillow research and manufacting experience, including running a commercial manufacturing organization. We know Pillows! Tens of Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong (see our testimonials).
  • Premium Quality- We don’t sell anything that we have not personally tested and used. We are often asked why we don’t sell cheap or lower grade materials. Because we have tested them, and we don’t sell junk.
  • Complete Selection- We carry a complete line of pillows. You never need to look elsewhere.
  • Easy Ordering- Order on-line, by fax, phone, or Snail Mail.
  • Premium Customer Service- We back up everything we sell with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are just a phone call away:
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